S404 Flash Tips

The S404 doesn't have a hot shoe or any means to connect an external flash. You can use a slave flash, but you need to be sure the flash you buy can ignore the S404's preflash and trigger only on the main flash.

The built in flash, appears good for about 10 - 12 feet. I have had some success over longer distances (upto 20 feet), but usually when there a relatively low ceiling and with the ISO set to 200.

The flash has an 8 second cycle time. While the camera's built in buffer will give a fairly quick shot to shot time, if you need the full power of the flash, you will need to wait for the flash to complete its recharge.

Fill flash can be useful for bringing out shady foreground subjects.

Yellow Lilys  Richard Bird 2003 Yellow Lilys  Richard Bird 2003

Without flash

With fill flash