S404 Colorspace

The set of colors the S404 (or any digicam) can capture is known as its colorspace. All digicams have a specific colorspace. Most digicams convert a captured image into colors that will render well on a typical consumer PC. This is known as sRBG colorspace. However, the S404 does not perform this conversion automatically and in general, pictures from the S404 benefit from some post processing.

The Minolta provided DIVU software is one way to do this. My own experience is that this works quite well for 90-95% of shots, but can ocasionally produce somewhat lurid greens and violets. Other software such as Adobe Photoshop can perform this conversion also.

Assonet river chairs  Richard Bird 2003 Assonet river chairs  Richard Bird 2003

S404 Colorspace

sRGB Colorspace

I generally process each image manually. For manual conversion, I find that increasing the contrast a little and boosting the saturation will usually do the trick.