S404 Battery Tips

Don't use alkaline batteries, they simply can't supply the voltage the S404 needs for long enough.

Do use NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), these sustain the needed voltage for longer. I use Maha Powerex 1700mA rechargeables. These will give over a 100 shots on typical use. Hoevever, the more you use the LCD and flash, the less time the batteries will last.

If you are using rechargeables and only get a few shots per battery charge, or sometimes see "ERR" displayed in the LCD, its quite likely the brand of batteries you are using isn't up to the job.

I bought my batteries and charger from from Thomas Distributing. From my limited experience, their service has been reliable. Imaging Resource has a good comparison of batteries.

Batteries  Richard Bird 2003