S404 Accessory Tips

The standard CF card is only 16M, so you might want to consider more memory. I use 3 x 128M CF cards. A single 128M card gived me aorund 60 pictures at fine quality and full resolution. Enough for about a weeks worth of shooting for me. My main memory cards are Viking, but I have also used SanDisk and Lexar without problems.

A UV filter can spare your lens from dirt and scratches. The S404 has an unusual 35.5mm filter size, but some vendors do offer this size. I bought my UV filter at 2filers.com. I clean off the UV filter from time to time with a lens pen brush from Ritz Camera. Be careful when you choose a filter. The front of the lens can be very close the the back of the filter. Cases have been reported where the filter and lens can touch causing a small soft spot in the middle of the image. However, I have not experienced any problems with my Kenko filter.

If you do much low light work, you might want to consider a tripod to eliminate camera shake. The tripod mount on the S404 is oddly placed on the extreme left hand side of the base, but is quite usable. I use a low cost ($50 approx.) tripod from Ritz Camera.

I don't have any affiliation with any of the above vendors, they are simply the products I have bought, or stores that I have bought from.